Bouldegom, a Company of Puppet's Theater

Bouldegom’theatre is a puppet theatre. Sylviane Ciccarelli and Pascal Forner set up the company in 1985 and ever since it has performed in France, abroad and out of Europe, gaining new and various composed audience whatever age and belongings.

Bouldegom approach is placed in the move of contemporary puppet theatre research willing to uphold connection with people. Its field of inspiration privileges interaction and exchanges banishing division and partition of men and ideas.

The company has developed an real know-how devoted to the process of creation, has learnt to investigate human behaviour and acting from the audience itself and offers to share the emotion born from the ongoing experience of the scene brought into the street and from the street back to scene.

Throughout 29 years of existence, Bouldegom’s line has always targeted precise work in silent acting, taking the roots for ambience in poetry, emotion, plastic and music.